June Reading Round Up

I read a fair amount this month and shifted my attention to reading more books focused on education and awareness in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement. It may have started weeks ago but there is still too much room for more justice to be met and I urge you to check out these … Continue reading June Reading Round Up

Hello 20’s

As of June 26th I have taken 20 trips around the sun. I can't believe that I have left my teenage years and now am entering a transformative decade where I will graduate college, attend graduate school, work a big girl job, move out, and all the really monumental things of adulthood that typically happens … Continue reading Hello 20’s

Mental Health Resources for the Black Community

This is a traumatic and trying time for our friends and family in the Black community. With trauma and stress comes the possibilty of some mental health complications and I want to do all I can to help those that may be struggling. Below is a list of mental health resources specifically for the Black … Continue reading Mental Health Resources for the Black Community